Your Tech Summit booklet contains handouts for each of the sessions, arranged by the day that the workshop was held.

Monday – Activating Strategies
Setting the Stage with Discovery Streaming
Harvesting Online Resources: POWER Library
LFS through Moodle
Online Concept Mapping Tools
Bringing Activating Resources to You with RSS / iGoogle
Getting Engaged with Interactive White Boards/Slates
Anticipation Guides with Excel

Tuesday – Vocabulary
Develop Vocabulary with Online Survey Tools
Beyond Frayers: Online Photo Galleries
Word Maps with Open Office
Word Splash with PowerPoint
Brainstorm & Categorize w/Inspiration
Teacher Pages Set the Stage: Vocabulary Preview

Wednesday – Teaching Strategies
Dialogue ANYWHERE with Skype
Gallery Walks with Photo Story
Creating Forms & Graphic Organizers in Word
Simulations with Google Earth Tours
Jigsaw with online SlideShows
Distributed Summarizing & Learning Centers with CamStudio

Thursday – Extending & Refining
Classify & Categorize with Online Slideshows
Constructing Support with Podcasting/Audacity
Abstracting & Inductive Reasoning - BYOC: Bring Your Own Camera
Analyzing Perspective with online Avatars
Error Analysis: Wikis Give Each Student a Voice
Gathering Evidence to Construct Support with Social Bookmarking

Friday – Summarizing
Blogs: The Perfect Ticket-Out-Door
Wrap it Up with Google Docs
Daily Data with Student Response Systems
Summarizing Data Using Online Graphing Tools
Answering the LEQ with Online Visual Tools
Creating Web-based Assessments