EDU 598 Course Requirements

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The Tech Summit is being offered for a pass/fail three(3) graduate credit course through Neuman College. The course is called Tech Summit: South Western Instruction for the 21st Century and the course number is EDU 598 SW. Neumann College will provide 3 graduate credits for this course.

ACT 48: Each individual student must contact Bonnie Newland at Neumann College (610-558-5640; to process those credits with PDE's Act 48 system. Transcripts: Thanks to Becky Cortina for providing transcript information. Please contact Ginny Hoesch at 610-361-5221. Using the Neumann email protocol, I assume her email would be or

Participants are required attend all five days of the Summit and complete the projects below.

1. Add to the Wiki: Submit a comment on the Tech Summit wiki (see tab 7-WikiAssignment). Choose one of the following options:

  • Video Comment: After watching the video, "Instructional Technology: Looking Backward, Thinking Forward", share a comment

  • Read the "Adopt & Adapt..." article and share a comment

2. Web 2.0 Tool Instructional Idea: Choose a web 2.0 tool that fits into your curriculum and create an account for that tool. Go to the "SWSD Tech Summit" tab on Alma's blog. Complete the information under the "Leave a Reply" section. Enter the tool's name you plan to use and how you will use that in your instruction. Press the Submit Comment button. Your comment will appear on the page along with ot her participants' replies.

  • Example of web 2.0 tools: Diigo, Slideshare, Google Docs

3. Lesson Plan: Submit one LFS integrated lesson plan using the form provided on the wiki and upload it to Dropio.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Instructors of Alma Row (

Directions Videos for Assignments:

Directions for Wiki Assignment: Watching video choice

Directions for Wiki Assignment: Responding to article choice

Directions for Web 2.0 Instructional Idea

Directions for Acquisition Lesson Plan Submission