Friday, August 7th: Summarizing

LEQ: How can technology be used to provide meaningful summative integrated instruction for the lesson or unit?

"Summarizing is when students are stating the main points. Learners must do the summarizing in order to construct meaning and to create a ‘schema’ for the information to remember it longer. At the end of the lesson, the students answer the Essential Question. Teachers use it to assess and determine re-teaching needs. Summarizing should be distributed throughout the lesson and not just at the end (p. 35).”

Source: Thompson, M., & Thompson, J. (2009). Connecting Exemplary Practices in Acquisition Lesson. Boone, NC: Learning-Focused Solutions, Inc.

The sessions listed below focus on integrating technology into the vocabulary portion of an acquisition lesson and link to their respective handouts.

  • Blogs: The Perfect Ticket-Out-Door

  • Wrap it Up with Google Docs

  • Daily Data with Student Response Systems

  • Summarizing Data Using Online Graphing Tools

  • Answering the LEQ with Online Visual Tools

  • Creating Web-based Assessments