Thursday, August 6th: Extending Thinking

LEQ: How can technology tools be embedded into activities that extend student thinking to further develop student achievement?

“Extending thinking is the second level of learning. It is to deepen understanding, to build connections, and to give students an opportunity to think on a higher level. [Extending activities enable students to extend] their knowledge of key concepts and skills through higher level thinking and activities and writing (p. 33).”

Source: Thompson, M., & Thompson, J. (2009). Connecting Exemplary Practices in Acquisition Lesson. Boone, NC: Learning-Focused Solutions, Inc.

One way to extend student thinking is to provide them with a greater audience with whom to share ideas. Below is a You Tube video, called "42", that challenges educators to provide students with audiences beyond the traditional ones.

The sessions listed below focus on integrating technology into the vocabulary portion of an acquisition lesson and link to their respective handouts.

  • Classify & Categorize with Online Slideshows

  • Constructing Support with Podcasting / Audacity

  • Abstracting & Inductive Reasoning - BYOC: Bring Your Own Camera

  • Analyzing Perspective with online Avatars

  • Error Analysis: Wikis Give Each Student a Voice

  • Gathering Evidence to Construct Support with Social Bookmarking