Wednesday, August 5th: Teaching Strategies

LEQ: How can emergent technology tools foster 21st century skill development enhance the instructional process?

A teaching strategy is the part of an acquisition lesson where new concepts and skills are taught. Teaching strategies are cognitive strategies that help learners create meaning, organize and store information. The cognitive strategies include collaborative pairs, distributed practice, distributed summarizing, graphic organizers, and mnemonic devices (p. 35).”

Source: Thompson, M., & Thompson, J. (2009). Connecting Exemplary Practices in Acquisition Lesson. Boone, NC: Learning-Focused Solutions, Inc.

The sessions listed below focus on integrating technology into the vocabulary portion of an acquisition lesson and link to their respective handouts.

  • Dialogue ANYWHERE with Skype

  • Gallery Walks with Photo Story

  • Creating Forms & Graphic Organizers in Word

  • Simulations with Google Earth Tours

  • Jigsaw with online SlideShows

  • Distributed Summarizing & Learning Centers with CamStudio

Below is a set of You Tube videos that provoke thought about how technology can help us reach children and the effects of globalization on education. The first video automatically plays. To see the other two in this collection, scroll on the slides below the viewing window.