Monday, August 3rd: Activating Strategies

LEQ: How can instructional technologies be used to launch and activate students' prior knowledge in preparation for learning?

"An activating strategy is the first part of an acquisition lesson. The purpose is to build prior knowledge, motivate, preview key vocabulary and prepare students for learning (p.31)."

Source:Thompson, M., & Thompson, J. (2009). Connecting Exemplary Practices in Acquisition Lesson. Boone, NC: Learning- Focused Solutions, Inc.

As you begin this week of exploring integrated technologies within the Learning Focused Schools framework, consider the journey we've taken with instructional technology be watching the following You Tube video, "Instructional Technology: Looking Backward, Thinking Forward". The above video is part of Option #1 on the wiki assignment for this course. If you choose to respond to click on 7-WikiAssignment and share your thoughts about this film.

The sessions listed below focus on integrating technology into the vocabulary portion of an acquisition lesson and link to their respective handouts.

  • Setting the Stage with Discovery Streaming

  • Harvesting Online Resources: POWER Library

  • LFS through Moodle

  • Online Concept Mapping Tools

  • Bringing Activating Resources to You with RSS/iGoogle

  • Getting Engaged with Interactive White Boards/Slates

  • Anticipation Guides w/Excel